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May 19, 2007


Lynne Morrell

This is an interesting conversation. I do think that people make snap decisions on who we are, by what we wear. If we are not comfortable in our clothes that comes across also.

I am a closet "What not to Wear" watcher. I love this show. It is fascinating to witness the transformation that happens during the week. At the beginning, some people think they look great, while other people know that they don't look so hot.

By the end of the show, many people say that they finally look on the outside how they feel on the inside. By the end of the show, people hold their heads high and have quite the confident walk. They know that they look great.

When these folks go back and talk about how they used to dress, most all of them say that they knew that they could look better. That they did not feel great about how they were looking.

So, the lady in the shorts and tank top? She may have appeared to look comfortable...but, my guess is that she has just given up~ just a guess:)

Bye fer now!

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